Kamis, 17 November 2011

Google Earth to solve the mystery of strange structures in the Gobi Desert

Google Earth software to see the earth's surface, through imaging satellite images, reveal the existence of a strange broad structure in the barren Gobi Desert, in the territory of China. The form is not naturally a big question mark: could China build installations in remote areas for military, space program, or its nuclear program.

In the two images available on Google Earth, a long rectangular shape seen for miles. Braided lines intersected visible area of ​​the white color of the sky.

struktur aneh gurun gobi

struktur aneh gurun gobi

Another picture shows, a large concentric circles on the ground, with three jets seen parked in the middle.
struktur aneh gurun gobi

The new findings complement the earlier findings. In a previous image that revealed 2007, the image looks like an orange blocks arranged in a circle. In a more recent picture, the blocks have been scattered irregularly from its original position. Another picture shows a box filled with metal Arai fractions vehicle explosion debris.

All the strange site was seen at the border of Gansu and Xinjiang Provonsi, some sites are less than 100 miles from the Jiuquan, China's space program headquarters and satellite launch site.

Meanwhile, two rectangular site is located 70 miles from the nearest highway. Not detected any other activities in the vicinity. However, the relative distance is not far from military bases Ding Xin, in which China conducted a secret test program aircraft, about 400 miles.

Four hundred miles on the other hand is the Lop Nur salt lake where China conducted 45 nuclear bomb tests between the years 1967-1995. It was unclear why the buildings have a strange structure. Experts suspect, is related to optical cruising missile test China.

Tim Ripley, a defense of Jane's Defence Weekly magazine comparing the grid structure is similar to the one in Area 51, the United States a secret base in Nevada. "Picture a circle looks very much like a missile test, with the target and instrument recorder equipped weapon effects. Americans have a lot of things like that in Nevada, Area 51," said he, as published by the Telegraph, 14 November 2011.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Area 51 is home to the remains found alien spacecraft in Roswell. Although it is indisputable.

More wild speculation in China's social networking site, Baidu. "Well, it appears that we have Area 52," said one user. "Could it be an alien base," said another. "It looks like a solar energy facility, with the road along the side," so any other comments.

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