Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Lamborghini Concept for 2016

The Feruccio Lamborghini’s appreciation to Spanish culture and bull fighting/running led to naming all Lamborghini cars after some famous bulls or some places or families connected to bulls. Respecting this fact, the car is named after the island in Indonesia, which is famous for bull races.
The Madura is a proposal for the first hybrid Lamborghini scheduled for 2016. Doing a car more efficient and more nature-friendly, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting, good-looking and fast. But in my opinion this new propulsion system should be represented on the looks of the car.
The body is rather cab-backwards style, which is new for today’s Lambo range, but as side view silhouette is not strange to Lamborghini, namely the Lamborghini Silhouette and Urraco had very similar body-cab compositions.
Proportionally, the car has rather short wheelbase, and equally long overhangs. The short wheelbase gives it better agility and driving performance. The long overhangs on the other hand are visually shortened by playing with thin layering surfaces which are part of separate body elements.
The front is very sleek and aerodynamic. It consists of the bonnet, with electric engine underneath, and spoiler with blades between for more depth of the design, and better cW result. The headlights are very thin and horizontally oriented to emphasize the cars’ width.
The tail is analog to the front. There is again play with more bodies and blades in between. They intersect by overlapping or flowing parallel. The spoilers as special features, grow out of the side panels and are connected with laser beams when braking, as a symbol for the electric drive.

Selasa, 22 November 2011

100 Most Strange Buildings From Around the World

1. Office center “1000″ a.k.a. Banknote (Kaunas, Lithuania)

Image credits: RA Studija

Image credits: RA Studija

2. Kerala House Boats (Alappuzha, Alleppey, Kerala, India)

Image credits: Jiths

3. Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Image credits: Wikipedia

4. Blur Building (Yverdon-les-Bainz, Switzerland)

Image credits: Dillerscofidio

Image credits: Dillerscofidio

5. Tenerife Concert Hall (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain)

Image credits: extranoise

6. The Never Was Haul (Berkeley, California, USA)

Image credits: drewdomkus

7. The Puerta de Europa towers a.k.a Gate of Europe a.k.a Torres KIO (Madrid, Spain)

Image credits: wikipedia

8. UFO house (New Zealand)

Image credits: fletchy182

9. Gas Natural headquarters (Barcelona, Spain)

Image credits: Alberto OG

10. Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Image credits: Phillip Ritz

Image credits: Phillip Ritz

11. Cob House (Vancouver, Canada)

Image credits: neil-san

12. The Mushroom House aka Tree House (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

Image credits: The Rocketeer

13. Ewok House (Location unknown)

Image credits: piH9

14. Edificio Mirador (Madrid, Spain)

Image credit: javier1949

Image credits: javier1949

15. Free Spirit Spheres (Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada)

Image credits: freespiritspheres.com/

16. Tempe Municipal Building (Tempe, Arizona, USA)

Image credits: phxpma

17. Korowai Treehouse (Papua New Guinea, Indonesia)

Image credits: 710928003

18. Turning Torso (Malmö, Sweden)

Image credits: Bjaglin

19. Wozoco Apartments (Amsterdam, Holland)

Image credits: yellow book ltd

20. Stata Center (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

Image credits: rpongsaj

21. Great Mosque of Djenné (Djenne, Mali)

Image credits: wikipedia

22. Glass House (Boswell, B.C., Canada)

Image credits: Christopher Armstrong

23. Beer Can House (Houston, Texas, USA)

Image credits: J. Smallwood

24. Strawberry Ice-cream shop (NC,USA)

26. Sculptured House (Colorado, United States)

Image credits: Runder

27. Nautilus House (Mexico City, Mexico)

Image credits: Javier Senosiain via worldarchitecturenews.com

28. Kvivik Igloo (Kvivik, Faroe Islands)

Image credits: Paul & Kelly

29. Modern Igloo (Alaska)

Image credits: rrriles

30. Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)

Image credits: /*dave*/

31. Cathedral of Brasilia (Brasil)

Image credits: wikipedia

32. Great arche of defense (Paris, France)

Image credits: wikipedia

33. La Pedrera (Barcelona, Spain)

Image credits: joe_aesmorga

34. Errante Guest House (Chile)

Image credits: Beauty addict

35. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Nice, France)

Image credits: The Anti-ZIM

36. Agbar Tower (Barcelona, Spain)

Image credits: xn44

37. The Museum of Play (Rochester , USA)

Image credits: Mike.Hanlon

38. Bubble House (Bay Area of California, USA)

Image credits: blmurch

39. Raffles Dubai in Wafi city (Dubai, UAE)

Image credits: Wikipedia

40. Atlantis (Dubai, UAE)

Image credits: Tom Olliver

41. Casa da musica (Porto, Portugal)

Image credits: wikipedia

42. Berlin Zeiss Planetarium (Berlin, Germany)

Image credits: wikipedia

43. National Theatre (Beijing, China)

Image credits: Azure Lan

44. Montreal Biosphère (Canada)

Image credits: wikipedia

45. Eden project (United Kingdom)

Image credits: wikipedia

46. Kobe Port Tower (Japan)

Image credits: wikipedia

47. Cybertecture Egg (Mumbai, India)

48. Kunsthaus (Graz, Austria)

Image credits: watz

49. Federation Square (Melboune, Australia)

Image credits: wikipedia

50. The Esplanade (Singapore)

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